To Get a Couples Tattoo or Not?

Getting a couple’s tattoo is a great way of bonding. It has been used by many people as a way of commitment to one another. There is even an emerging trend where people get matching tattoos with wedding band design. The good thing about couples tattoo is that there are many designs to choose from. Moreover, couples can come up with their own concept and design for the tattoo artist to replicate. Some of the popular tattoo designs include using each other’s names, getting matching quotes, drawing half of a design on each other, among others. It is always advisable to think through the design and talk through it before getting it done.

When Not to Have Couple’s Tattoos

You should never get couples tattoo if one partner is forcing you to get the tattoo or threatening to leave without the tattoo. It should be a mutual agreement and not one that is meant to please another person. It goes without saying that you should only get a couples tattoo if you have known a person long enough to get that level of commitment. Imagine getting a couples tattoo and having to remove it a few days later because the relationship did not work. As a rule, never have a couple’s tattoo when drunk. Well, it may be hard to make a wise choice when intoxicated, but at least try not to.

Couple’s Tattoo After a Breakup

So, what happens if you break up and you had a couple’s tattoo? Well, the choice is yours on whether to keep it or not. There are people who remove their tattoos because they do not want to keep getting questions and then awkwardly responding that it was because of an ex. It gets even worse if it is a name. If you loved the tattoo, and it is a neutral figure, you can always have it as long as it does not give you bad memories.

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