Jewellery – function and form

Jewellery – function and form

Since ancient times, humans have used tattoos and jewellery to separate themselves. To brand themselves a certain way, or show off their position in society. Jewellery has always maintained its high position in society, its importance to us as a species. Jewellery is what really separates us from the animals. We wear diamond rings and gold chains, not of necessity but fashion, or simply to make a statement.

Gold, silver, platinum and other precious metals have always been the favourites of jewellery makers. Mix these different metals with stones, gems and glass, and you have a wonderful present, for yourself or someone else. A lot of people prefer individual, original designs and hence choose to have their jewellery custom made. This was the norm back in the days, and you would never see the same pattern or design twice. Now, we live in a globalised community where the assortment might be big, but it is still limited.

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Jewellery has always been a big part of our culture. We can see how jewellery changed through the course of time, how it was affected by different forces – at times where bronze, silver or gold supplies were cut off, you would see the aristocrats wearing decorative items made of plain steel. Stainless steel became a big part of the jewellery industry in later times, after the industrial revolution. Religion has maintained a very neutral position towards jewellery. From one point of view, they denounce any worship of glitter and gold. On the other hand, though, every church and mosque is filled with the utmost beautiful items made from all sorts of valuable materials, all of them priceless and exquisite in their design.

Now, the main two parts of any jewellery store or factory, are the male and female. By far, the female collections of jewellery are much more exquisite and broad in terms of choice. Male fashion lovers have to do with more sophisticated, conservative jewellery like rings, chains, clocks and belt buckles or clasps.

While much jewellery these days is made from cheap materials such as plastic, there are still plenty of ornaments made from precious metals and stones – hence the often high price. People will continue flooding to the gold markets, and gold itself will continue being among the most stable assets you could ever own. In many third world countries, people could live in terrible conditions and still carry gold worth many thousands of euros. It is a kind of insurance.

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