How to Get More Visibility for Your Business


Operating your own business can be difficult for an aspiring entrepreneur, but can be especially challenging in creative fields like craftsmanship and artistry. These fields are generators of taste, not only an objective service like providing energy or water.

A Difficult Start

Starting a jewelry company or opening a tattoo parlor, for instance, requires not only skill and an eye for design, but also marketing senSilver ring and chain on the background of watchesse. Most tattoo artists aspire to work for a studio, but before you are hired by another company, it is advisable to build your practice to a sustainable level.


Of vital importance is a place in which to operate. It could be a small shop, your basement, or a studio. You need a quiet space where you can concentrate and keep your supplies. This is the only way you’ll build a portfolio that’s worth promoting.

Once you feel your portfolio is competitive and represents what you do to the best of your ability, it’s important to start building a client base.

Promotion and Marketing

The first thing is to have a website. You have several options here. You can hire someone to do it, or build one yourself. There are several available hosts, but you can also hire a freelancer, which may be the best way to get an original design. You’ll need a good domain name though, but more on that below.

The next thing to consider is whether you need search engine optimization, or SEO. Seo hosting offers excellent service for this and will offer speed, storage and ram at a monthly price. Your site will show up first in more searches, which is exactly what your new business needs.

The third way is to promote your business on social media. Upload and share as many images of your work as possible. This will also increase word-of-mouth; there’s nothing better for a young business than having clients rave.

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