Add Some Sparkle And Shine To Your Style

A woman without jewellery is like a tree without leaves – bare and a bit boring. Just a hint of the right kind of accessory can add sparkle and shine to an ensemble, or a bit of funk to casual wear. The trick is to know what your personal style is and accentuate that with some shimmer and dazzle.

Very much like jewellery, tattoos can accentuate your personality and send out a strong message about your individuality. Once a preserve of biker gangs, body art is now a commonly accepted style statement.

Fashion portrait of elegant woman with magnificent hair. Blonde girl. Perfect make-up. Girl in elegant dress. Flash tattoo gold

In fact, there are certain industries, like bartending, where having a tattoo boost your chances of better pay and tips.

Get Others Hooked On Your Style
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Jewellery And Tattoos
With a little bit of both, you can create a strong, powerful statement that stands apart from the crowd. Here is a quick guide on how you should use jewellery and tattoos to get the right kind of attention:

  • A Little Goes A Long Way

Subtlety is the name of the game here. If you range across the style icons, you will observe that they display just a hint of accessories or body art. Think Audrey Hepburn and Tiffany’s. Whether you are heading out to a gala, a quiet dinner, or just a cup of coffee, sporting accessories that complement your outfit and style is always preferred.

  • Know Your Style

This is perhaps the most important step in upping your style quotient. It is important that you first understand what you are comfortable with, instead of just copying recent trends. This will enable you to select the right kind of jewellery and body ink.

  • Flaunt It With Confidence

Once you have made your decision, then flaunt it with confidence. Believe that your accessories or body art is a part of your personality and carry it with ease.

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