Making bracelet of colorful beads

How to make your own jewellery

How to make your own jewellery What is jewellery? It’s anything you put on for decorative purposes. Anything. Put a cable around your neck and secure it with an old-fashionedRead More »

Tattooist demonstrate the process tattoo on hand

How to become a tattoo artist

How to become a tattoo artist Any form of art liberates you from what we are used to calling “normal” society. Nevertheless, as a tattoo artist you are generally requiredRead More »


Jewellery – function and form

Jewellery – function and form Since ancient times, humans have used tattoos and jewellery to separate themselves. To brand themselves a certain way, or show off their position in society.Read More »

Tattoo history

Tattoo history

Tattoo history The history of tattoos goes as far back as the history of humanity. From our very first steps on this planet, we have coloured our skin and piercedRead More »